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Financial Case Study Video : RI Advice

Two Story recently collaborated with Gillespie Advertising to create a financial case study video for their client RI Advice.  The video while like a case-study, relies on a unique storytelling technique; here a loyal customer “Abbie” narrates her personal story on camera to reinforce the benefits of seeking professional financial advice from the brand.  The video almost feels like a elongated testimonial; it also seeks to build social proof.

How we did it:  During pre-production stage, we proposed an outdoor shoot using an intimate 2-camera set-up, for more impact. Rod Gillespie, who was in charge of scripting and story boarding, was happy with the suggestion.

Production: We shot in a backyard space using:

  1.  2 HD SLRs, 2 tripods, lenses and a field monitor.
  1. A shotgun mic and a lapel mic
  1. 2 LED panel lights, reflectors, large screen diffuser and oodles of outdoor lighting.

For post-production work, the supers and logos were provided by the in-house gfx designer at Gillespie Advertising. The editing workflow was completed in Adobe Suite by utilising Adobe Premiere Pro. We also used royalty-free audio tracks for the background score.

Challenges: As this was an outdoor shoot, there were varying levels of brightness and we could not let that affect the final product. We tackled this issue with an extra reflector diffuser for the length of the shoot.  Even the audio posed a few challenges, because of multiple outdoor sounds.

Rod sat through the entire post-production process and was very excited to see the final video.  The client subsequently shared the video at meetings, presentations and on several of their online platforms.

Watch the video now


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