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Experiential Highlights Video: Design Team + OPPO

A launch party is always a lot of fun, and boy! would we love to get invited to more. We’re referring to our recent experience at the launch event of  OPPO R11s at Carriageworks, Sydney, which was nothing short of spectacular.  Since there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of these exciting launches,  our client Design Team, the masterminds behind the stand designs and the overall look-and-feel of this event, wanted to ensure we captured it all.  This engaging experiential highlights video thus, shows you a timelapse of all the BTS work as well as well as footage from the event’s final look.

The launch party footage brings alive the venue’s many design features such as:

# Selfie walls with different lighting to encourage hashtag selfies using Oppo’s new camera phone.

# The infinity room with its reflecting mirrors and stage lighting.

The experiential highlights video also contains snippets of interviews with attendees, all raving about their experience of the launch.

Watch video now:

The equipment included:

  • 1x Canon 5dmark iv,
  • 1 x Canon 5d mark iii
  • Various lenses (24-70,70-200,16-35), tripod, camera slider
  • 2 x go pros for timelapse and video
  • 1x shotgun mic and headphones for interviews, 1 x LED panel x light stand

The atmosphere was electrifying and was compounded by the fact that the venue was a heritage site. Design Team loved the the final video and will use it for future client pitches, presentations and their social media channels. Have a video concept in mind? Write in today:


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