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Event Video Production: Buy Somewhere, PAX Melbourne

We love shooting for events because the atmosphere is always charged with enthusiasm, vibrancy and oodles of energy. And, this was true of our latest event video production for Buy Somewhere at the PAX Convention Centre in Melbourne.  Buy Somewhere is an Australian start-up that dabbles in video games. Based on the brief, we’ve created an informative and engaging event video for the client’s potential investors. The video works as a pitch/promotional video, highlighting why the brand is so compelling for its audience.


For this event video production, we planned a 1-day shoot at the venue.  On our list of to-do’s was video coverage of the brand’s  trade stand and also interactions and interviews.


On the day of the event we worked with the following equipment:

  1. 1 HDSLR camera with tripod and slider
  2. 1 shotgun mix and headphones with interviews and vox pops.
  3. 1 interviewer and 1 camera operator.


The raw footage has been edited to produce a 3-minute video that incorporates interviews of the client and audience members at the event. Minor creative effects have also been added for a slick and well-edited end video.

Getting up close and personal with an Australian start-up game company and helping create effective promotional video content, was the  massive highlight of this entire experience.  The Buy Somewhere team was very happy with this video and now hope for it to get future investors interested and investing in their company.

Watch video now:

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