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Event Video Marketing: Before, During & After

Event video marketing is a strategic step in your overall marketing plan.  This is primarily because when it comes to online marketing, videos are easily consumed and hugely engaging. In fact, everywhere you look now, on the internet, video drives engagement and traffic better than written content ever will.  So, if you are planning on video marketing for your event, do it sooner than later and watch it do all the work for your business.

When you do get down to it though, it’s worthwhile remembering that the process of creating recall value starts a long time before you show up at your event.

So, how do you cut through the clutter and a million other events like yours, and have your audience choose you over them.

Here’s what I recommend:

Before the event

Event video marketing in this phase is ideal for generating interest and enthusiasm among your audience, who have purchased tickets as well as prospects who are keen and on the fence.

Event Video Marketing

  1. Offer a sneak-peek into the event and do a teaser video to have your audience experience the sheer magnanimity of the event. This works brilliantly to create enough buzz and anticipation around the event.
  2. Create video content that educates your targeted audience on relevant industry topics. Eg: How to make the most of this year’s conference. OR A 3-step guide to networking during the event, etc.
  3. Glean out testimonials of customers from the previous year’s events and use them to create social proof and build your authority. This helps your audience see the direct benefit of associating with your brand.
  4. Include interviews, where either you can interview or be interviewed. In here talk about what the attendees can gain and accomplish during the event.
  5. A save the date video can be an excellent tool to get your audience excited and create conversations around the event. It often also inspires them to research and find more information about your event.

During the event

  1. If you have speakers during your event,  create a speaker introductory video. You can make this about a couple minutes long and have the speaker give a brief outline about what he does and what he intends to talk about at your event. This reinforces your brand authority immensely.
  2. In case of a conference, compile the highlights of every session. Interview the participants at your event, even guests, and ask them what parts of the event they found most memorable, and what could have been done better.
  3. It’s an excellent idea to capture your fans sampling products/services. It gives your audience a first-hand idea about how the attendees are interacting with a particular brand.
  4. Another great idea is to encourage attendees to capture the sections of the event they most enjoyed using their smartphone. To create more engagement, have them upload the video on to their social media channels using your event hashtag. To make it irresistible for them to do this, provide an incentive like a contest or a lucky draw.

Event video marketing

Post Event

  1. Don’t lose momentum now that the event is over. Make some video content available on your website. Even if you’re looking to monetize recorded talks, make some of this content available freely. What this does is gets your audience by the hook who then are completely willing to opt in and purchase access to the remaining recorded content.
  2. Create videos for different platforms. For instance, short snippets or recap videos highlighting the event for social media; longer detailed recordings for your website; testimonials and feedback videos to make your event look really attractive and compelling.

Here is an event marketing video that checks all the boxes, one we created for Somfy.

Follow through with a social media and content strategy that lets you distribute these videos over multiple platforms.  This is an important aspect in your overall event video marketing activity.

As for all the creative work behind the lens, all you need is a pro who adds to your creative brief and helps you create content that is cutting edge, easy to consume and super shareable. Take a look at our creative portfolio and talk to us to see how we can take your vision forward.

Stay tuned in for more business insights from Two Story.

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