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Events Highlights Video – NuCerity Envision 2016

Recently we played video partners at the 2016 NuCerity Envision Australia Conference. NuCerity is a premium skincare brand and the event witnessed participation by the brand’s Australian distributor fraternity. We’ve captured in entirety, the 2-day extravaganza finally going on to create a fun and immersive event highlights video.

Production equipment involved

We’ve used an assortment of equipment, given the scale of the event.

  1. 2x HDSLR cameras, 2x tripods, 1x glide-cam, 1x slider
  2. 1x shotgun microphone and headphones for interviews
  3. 1x interviewer and 2x camera operators

The shooting template is similar to the previous year’s event, but the quality of output has the Two Story brand of quality written all over it.

With this video, we have been able to showcase and bring out the best and most inspiring moments from the event. The video attempts to reach out to prospective distributors by showcasing the scale of the event and the overall appeal of the brand with success stories of distributors, Q& A’s  and talks from the company CEOs.

The client loved the event highlights video. They said the video’s messaging resembled a style similar to their previous events in locations around the world.  They also appreciated the sense of seamlessness in the style of communication.

Watch the video now:

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