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Engage Marine Informative Promotional Video

We recently collaborated Design Team and leading Australia port operations provider Engage Marine to produce an informative promotional video for the company. The video showcases the ways in which the brand is now looking to innovate in the marine services industry.

The video takes an interesting approach, having key members from the Engage Marine Team answer questions about the current scenario and challenges faced in the marine services industry. There’s a step-by-step approach that takes the viewer from the problems to the solutions and the changes that Engage Marine is bringing forth in the industry.  The script is structured and the viewer is drawn in instantly.

This informative promotional video has been prepared for Engage Marine to present at trade shows and social media platforms.

The video interviews were carried out in Melbourne with the Two Story Victoria team. Engage Marine provided existing tugboat footage and Design Team helped with the design and layout of the video.

Since the video is over 5 minutes, one of the challenges was to create an interesting flow of ideas, to keep the viewer hooked till the end. The other big challenge was creating motion graphics & special effects using Design Team’s infographic slides as seen in the video.

Watch now

Our clients have loved the final video and we’re already in talks with them for another Engage Marine Video.

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