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Why your customers demand video marketing?

The web is swamped with videos today. And, whether you’re browsing through the news, looking up recipes, fitness inspiration, there’s always a video to help, entertain and inform you better. Clearly video is working well for everyone, which is why online video quality  has become cutting edge these days. All businesses today are focused on producing high-quality videos to grow engagement and conversions.

But have you ever wondered: Why are people watching?

Really, why do customers demand video marketing?

You see, we’re all wired to respond to movement, body language, voice pitch, and all of those can together contribute to creating a strong emotional connection. In fact, behavioural psychologist Susan Weinschenk explains this phenomenon. She says, “There’s a part of the brain, the fusiform face area which cues us to look at faces to gather information and determine someone’s credibility. This is why we’re so intrigued by live action videos featuring people.”

The element of storytelling is the other thing that has made videos so popular and in-demand. Good storytelling will get your audience emotionally invested in your brand and make you more memorable. After all, stories really are about authentic human experiences.

Another reason why customers demand video marketing today is that video has naturally evolved to achieve the status of an expected content format. People, prospects included are constantly engaging with video sites like YouTube and Instagram on a daily basis.

Most importantly video marketing feels trustworthy to the customer.  A high-quality video looks like it took some work to make. And coupled with stellar content, it is likely to move your prospects and customers to trust your business more.

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