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Create snackable visual content your audience will love consuming

Visual Marketing on Facebook


Facebook has over a billion users and is a veritable goldmine for marketers especially when you think about its massive outreach.  What’s more, not only can you connect with your audience on Facebook, they can interact among themselves too. Ultimately this can lead to engagement and growing loyalty for your brand.

After all, like I’ve always said, you can pay for clicks, for reach even, but you cannot pay for loyalty. It has to be honed and cultivated over a period of time.

Facebook like most social media platforms relies heavily on images and videos for engagement and traffic.  And that’s why today, I’m going to talk about creating images/graphics that serve real business goals for you.

If you think about it; images have so much power. They are an excellent means to kick start a conversation.  Your prospects will be more enthusiastic about clicking on your products or services, if the image compels them to.

So, how do you use Facebook to its fullest potential and power your marketing activities.

In short, how do you create images that your audience wants to devour?



Power of images


We live in a world of too much social noise. Content moves fast, and if you don’t get your customers by the hook at that opportune moment; you’ve probably missed the bus!

The way to get around this is to create content that your audience will not be able to resist. In other words, you create snackable social media images that your audience will love to devour. This will help you rise above the content clutter, catch your prospects’ attention, drive engagement and build traffic.

What is snackable visual content?


Snackable visual content


Snackable visual content elicits an instantaneous response from you audience. It’s the kind of imagery that plays up your audience’s mind and emotions, making them instantly love it. And so, when you post snackable visual content, your audience will instantly consume it, process it, and even share it. It’s almost the equivalent of good food to the body, consumed at the right intervals.

When on Facebook, you will all have realised one thing. People are not looking to be sold to. They are all here to socialise or be entertained.  And that’s why, when you create visual content for Facebook marketing, always remember to make them humorous, nostalgic, inspirational or entertaining, so people are motivated to consume and share. If you’re sharing business insights or technical know-how, do it in a visually-fun way. An infographic is an excellent way to achieve this.

Another way is to be unique. In fact, uniqueness brings in a lot of social media attention.

My tip: Create visual content that connects in a meaningful way with your audience.  This requires understanding your audience and putting their agenda before yours.

Make snackable visual content a consistent part of your social media strategy and feed your fans at the time intervals they prefer.

How to create snackable visual content:

  1. Keep it aligned with your audience’s pain points and connect with them on a human level. It’s not called social media marketing for nothing.
  2. Make it unique from all other competitors in your space
  3. Make it relevant to today’s times
  4. Incorporate humour, nostalgia, inspiration; essentially a powerful emotion to evoke a reaction from your audience
  5. Use photographs that are striking
  6. Create infographics



Snackable Visual content


Remember to intersperse your snackable visual content with other engaging visual material that ranges from guest blogs, behind-the-scenes images, client testimonial videos, news about your brand, etc.


Very important:

If your images are doing all the good work, don’t think for a minute that the corresponding copy can be ignored. The written content you present alongside your image should hold your reader’s attention and convince them about the direct benefits of engaging with your brand. Remember visuals matter, but don’t get so caught up in them that you forget about the benefits of good written content/ messaging.

Stay tuned in for more advice and real ideas on Visual Marketing from the Two Story team. We specialise in commercial photography & video and it’s our motto to help you realise your visual marketing goals. Check out our portfolio today!

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