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How to create an explainer video

Why create explainer videos?

An explainer video is a short video that conveys your company’s value proposition within a span 60-90 seconds.  Create explainer videos to introduce the business, explain what you do and tell prospects how you’ll solve their business problems. What this does is gets your prospects excited and engaging with your brand.

What the experts are saying?

Andrew Angus, Founder of Switch Video explains why explainer videos are so effective. According to him,  explainer videos combine both audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept easily. The use of audio and video he points out, improves message retention significantly over text and audio. This is primarily because visual processing is in our brain and our DNA.

And the results can be explained with a few examples too:

  • Crazy Egg added an explainer video to their homepage and their conversions skyrocketed by 64%.
  • Dropbox experienced phenomenal growth from 0 – 1 million users all in a span of 5 years with a logo and an explainer video on their homepage.

Need more convincing? Here are a few statistics to get you excited.

  1.  According to Internet Retailer, 85% people are more likely to buy after watching an explainer video about that product or service.
  2. Explainer videos are 41% more likely to be clicked than a text listing during a google search.
  3. 45% businesses have an explainer video on their homepage. And, over 85%  of these business agree that it has led to more conversions.

Always remember that: People buy for emotional reasons, never logical.

What is the secret sauce to an effective Explainer Video?

  1. Script:  It’s all in the script. A well-written script is a critical first step when you create explainer video. In the most basic sense, it is the foundation on which to build your case. Remember to tell a good story whenever you can.

To get started, prepare a creative brief.  It gives perspective on what matters most and helps you define it correctly. It also ensures that your messaging is on point and compelling to your audience.


Create Explainer videos


Points to take note of:

  1. Keep it short: Human attention spans are being compared to gold fishes today. A video of 60-90 seconds hits all the sweet spots and gathers maximum attention.  Also remember to showcase you core messaging in the first half of the video. Your audience should be able to understand what to focus on in your video.
  2. Address the audience directly: Tell your audience that you care deeply about their problems and show how you can  actually solve these problems.  When you make references to your audience in your video, always use words like ‘you’ ‘your’. Make friends with your audience. Don’t go over their heads with your messaging.
  3. Establish the right tone:  Get inside your customer’s head; speak in a tone that is helpful. The tone you choose will drive your story, the characters, dialogue and even the narrative.
  4. Have a steady pace: Establish a pace that is easy for your audience to listen, comprehend and digest. When you speak too fast, your audience tends to lose focus and will switch off. Pace yourself to 120 – 150 words per minute.


  1. The structure: Create explainer videos that include the following components
  1. Problem – You discuss the problems your audience is facing
  2. Solution – Now you introduce your product/service and describe how it keeps the aforementioned problems at bay.
  3. How it works: Here you talk about how the product/service actually functions, the nuances involved.
  4. CTA: Now you talk about what your audience can do next.


  1. Explain benefits: People are interested to know how your product or service will benefit them.  Always remember to tell them how it will change their life for the better. And while you’re at it don’t mix up features with benefits.

Here’s an example of features v/s benefits.

Saying home delivery is a feature

Saying never having to interrupt your busy schedule and saving time on store visits is a benefit

Get the drift?

Create Explainer Videos 


  1. Use a professional voice: A polished voiceover that aligns with your script and screenplay is like a cherry on the cake. No one enjoys a voice over that is unpleasant. Remember, God is in the detail. So, invest in good professional talent. You’ll thank me later.


Next step is to approach a professional who can bring your vision to life. Remember this: No one likes watching a poor quality video; professional quality output is also key to the success of your video.

Talk to us today to find out how we can work together to give your content wings. If you’re not sure, here’s our portfolio to help you decide.

Final tip: Once the video is ready, work on a marketing strategy that lets you share your video via blogs, newsletters, email signatures and even social media platforms.

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