great video content

Category: Case Study Video, Corporate Videos, Explainer Video, How-to Videos, Product Video, Testimonial Video, Video Production

As marketers or business owners, making a real connection with your audience is key to growing your online presence and sales. And, that’s why creating impactful content that connects with every stage of the buyer’s journey is key. Sure, video is all the rage and has been proven to produce the right kind of results …

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starting out with video

Category: Case Study Video, Explainer Video, How-to Videos, Product Video, Promotional Video, Testimonial Video, Video Marketing

It’s one of those things we see and read everywhere on the web. The slogan: Switch to video is not only popular in a manner of speaking, the results and ROI with the use of video in brand marketing prove this point too. Marketers using video have been able to grow revenue 49% faster than …

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case study video for Toshiba

Category: Case Study Video

Toshiba is renowned for their products and services in the printing, computer, machine electronics and the technical support industry. Among other things, what stands out about the brand is their in-field and dealer channel service, particularly for remote pockets of Australia. To capture the essence of  what differentiates them from others, we travelled to Alice Springs to …

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informative case study video

Category: Case Study Video, Testimonial Video, Video Marketing, Video Production

Life after retirement can mean oodles of relaxation and time to do things that have seemed like a distant thought during one’s working years. But with that ease, it often also brings up issues of managing finances in order to keep things running smoothly. For this video gig with Gillespie Advertising we’ve created a testimonial-style informative …

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financial case study video

Category: Case Study Video

With financial videos, our aim has always been to create content that reflects customer problems and their solutions with as much simplicity as possible.  And, this time around we’ve worked with Gillespie Advertising for producing a financial case study video for their client RI Advice. The case study video explores the experience of an actual …

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buyer's journey

Category: Case Study Video, Explainer Video, Product Video, Testimonial Video, Video Marketing, Video Production

You’ve all probably heard this: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words. And it’s true. Today, video is the proven way to boost awareness, grow engagement, build brand credibility and also stimulate purchase. But to think that a single impressive video will do all of the above …

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