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Case Study Video : Gucci Garden Archetypes Sydney


As one of the most recognised luxury fashion houses in the world, Gucci brought its sense of excitement, curiosity, and style to Sydney with its travelling exhibition, Gucci Garden Archetypes. Launching in 2022 to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary, the exhibition has travelled from Florence to major cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul before landing in Sydney.


Our client Pico Australia was commissioned to install this unique exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and decided it would be a great opportunity to create some marketing content for their social channels and to show potential clients. They asked us to produce a series of photos and a case study video that captured the vibe and would give the viewer a virtual tour of the exhibition.


Our side of the project took 2 days to complete-with the first day focused on the design elements of the exhibition itself, and the second day included b-rolls of exhibition goers interacting with the displays. This project was a collaboration between Two Story and PICO, one of Australia’s leading event companies and Two Story’s longtime collaboration partner.


We at Two Story are excited to work with both local and international brands to deliver high-quality and high-performing videos that communicate your brand message. Chat with us today and let’s get started on your next brand video.

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