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What do you do when you just finished a years-long project which you saw through from idea to reality? You take a moment to celebrate – and document your completed work for posterity of course! That was exactly the spirit in which we were invited to shoot Deicorp’s latest project. The Siding at Petersham is a set of unique, architecturally-crafted residential apartment blocks at the heart of the vibrant and eclectic Petersham district of Sydney.

Fresh from construction being completed, this latest residential apartment complex from Deicorp was at its most pristine and camera-ready condition – and the Two Story team was up to the task of capturing its beauty – right before it opens its doors to residents.

With just a very narrow window of opportunity between completion and turnover, the Two Story team created this architectural and grand reveal video.

Introducing – The Siding at Petersham!

How did we do it? The actual video may just be under 2 minutes long, but it took hours of planning, coordination, and the actual shoot to make it happen – plus a lot of the right elements thrown in the mix.

First, we had to make sure we had the right equipment for the job. So we deployed our Mavic Pro 2 drone for the aerial shots and three Canon 5Ds with wide lenses for the additional photographs.

Next, we had to be in constant communication with the Deicorp team so that the newly-constructed property is primed for the shoot – which is no small feat! In fact, turning on the lights for the whole property took a good portion of the day for 2 construction crew members – so kudos to the Deicorp team for pulling all the stops!

Then, we had to set up the shoot with optimal lighting conditions. And the reason why the video looks so magical is because we shot it during magic hour! So we had to check the sunrise and sunset schedules and do a site visit to make sure everything is locked and loaded before the actual shoot.

So having the right tools, good communication, and optimal lighting are some of our top tips for creating a visually-stunning architectural video. And here’s an extra tip – make sure you have safety cones and a safety officer on standby so you can shoot on the road without any worries!

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