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case study highlights video

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Case study Highlights Video: Design Team & Defence South Australia

We’ve been part of a number of exciting video projects this year, and have had our hands full all the way till now, between shooting and editing. Today’s blog post is a case study highlights video that we created for Design Team showcasing their creative work with Defence South Australia at Pacific 2017. The brand intends to use this video to showcase their work to potential clients and new leads.  The video encompasses Design Team’s creative approach to stand design, with a focus on their teamwork, attention to detail and branding skills. Also included is a glowing testimonial from their happy client!

Production equipment involved

  • 1x Canon 5dmkiv, various lenses, tripod, camera slider,
  • 1x shotgun mic and lapel mics and headphones for interviews, 1 x LED panel x light stand

Watch the video now

All creative effects and post-production editing have been carried out using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Having worked with Dominic and his team for the past few years, we understand the things that matter when it comes to capturing a marketing or branding video for them. Needless to say, Dominic and his team were very impressed with the final outcome.  Here’s a testimonial video of Dominic’s experience working with the Two Story team (Us).


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