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captions and subtitles for your video

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Captions & Subtitles in Your Video: Why It’s Important to Have Them

Video is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to building credibility, authority and an audience. But, video when combined with text, can take your marketing efforts a notch above. Captions & subtitles in your video may not be the first thing that comes to mind when producing one. But, it’s more important than you can imagine. With more and more people watching videos on their mobiles today,  there is noticeable change in the way we are consuming content. A diminishing dependence on sound and voice-overs is slowly paving the way for captions in videos.

But first,

What’s the difference between captions and subtitles?

Captions: These include all words spoken during a video as well as sound effects and music. Sometimes they’re also referred to as closed captions

Subtitles: These refer to words being spoken; a great way for viewers to clarify and understand what is being said while watching a video. People who benefit from subtitles in videos are those that are slightly hard of hearing; people watching videos in closed office environments where volumes need to be low; or those who are learning a new language.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the 3 most important reasons why captions & subtitles in your video are a great thing to have!

#1 Your videos are more searchable

Google search algorithms are able to read text. When you optimise your video with closed captions, it boosts your content’s SEO value. On its own your video may have great content, but if the Google bots can’t read what it’s about, then it’s likely your audience can’t find it easily either. And that’s a huge video marketing opportunity lost. You see, Google tends to favour informative video content by ranking it the highest in its search results. Optimise your video with keywords, metadata, captions, so it shows up in all related searches.

#2 It’s also the industry standard

Did you know that Facebook users watch over 8 billion videos every day and almost 85% of those videos are watched without sound? Surprising right? And yet, that seems to be the direction mobile users are taking when watching videos on their devices. Notice how videos of Tasty, The Dodo, employ this technique, and have become viral successes today. In fact, many content creators are making the most of its growing popularity and adding text in videos to amplify their outreach. Remember this: Videos are here to stay. Take the proactive approach of incorporating captions & subtitles in your video today and watch it do wonders for your business.

#3 Non-native speakers love closed captions

Many non-native speakers will prefer reading  text while listening to the content playing, particularly if it’s an accent that they’re not completely familiar with. If your aim is to reach a global audience base, subtitling or close captioning may be a great tactic to communicate effectively.

Here is a subtitled version we created for Burwood Council and Aqua Agency, for their annual “Year in Review 2017” video:

Overall, captions & subtitles in your video tend to increase the amount of time people spend watching them. This leads to better recall value, which in turn works well to boost brand value. In fact, Facebooks claims that captioned video ads, have helped increase average view time by almost 12%. So, the next time you’re working on fresh video content, remember that subtitles/captions are a must. In some cases YouTube can create them automatically (with a small error rate), or we can add them for you. Talk to the pros to make the most of your video marketing endeavours. Write in to [email protected] today.

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