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video worth the investment

Category: Company Profile/About Us, Explainer Video, Product Video, Testimonial Video, Video Marketing, Video Production

In today’s world of digital marketing, there are many techniques and strategies that companies will adopt to reach out to their target markets and build engagement and sales. Among them, there is one particular strategy that is being increasingly used today: video marketing. Now take a minute to you look around you on the internet. …

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optimise your video spend

Category: Video Marketing, Video Production

Today, video is the No.1 way to connect with your customers, prospects, viewers and followers.  In fact, an effective video strategy can ensure one of the highest ROI’s for your business’ digital marketing plan. There are reasons why videos are so effective. For starters, it is an extremely versatile medium and lets you tell your …

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video in email

Category: Video Marketing

Video in email is really hot at the moment. Why? Videos are entertaining and engaging, and embedding video in email can improve your open rates by 19% and click-through rates by over 50%. What’s more, adding in a relevant, context-driven video will ensure more exposure and in turn help bring quality traffic to your website. …

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re-invest in the business

Category: Video Production

I want to begin this blog post by congratulating our clients for all the milestones achieved and for extending their unrelenting support to us throughout the FY. It’s officially the end of the financial year, and no matter how this year has panned out for your business, it’s time to look ahead. One of the …

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Category: Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing

Videos are all the rage on social media and with good reason. They’re engaging and entertaining and a lot easier to process than reading paragraphs of text. And just like everyone else, your customers too are watching tons of social media videos too. Both Facebook and Snapchat have a recorded high of 8 billion daily …

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stock drone footage

Category: Drone Video, Explainer Video, Product Video, Promotional Video, Video Marketing

Drone imagery and video has changed the industry. In that, it has created avenues for businesses, TV and film professionals to create content that were practically impossible to do before. Come to think of it, visually stunning aerial footage could only be achieved in the past by hiring helicopters at a great expense. That has …

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case study video for Toshiba

Category: Case Study Video

Toshiba is renowned for their products and services in the printing, computer, machine electronics and the technical support industry. Among other things, what stands out about the brand is their in-field and dealer channel service, particularly for remote pockets of Australia. To capture the essence of  what differentiates them from others, we travelled to Alice Springs to …

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Category: Explainer Video, Video Marketing, Video Production

In one of our latest gigs with Gillespie Advertising for NGS Super, we’ve worked on an interesting financial tips video targeting women. The video has Dascia Bennett, Head of Customer Services at NGS Super, speaking to her audience and sharing Super tips to  change their lives. The video effectively addresses the problems many women face …

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