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Best practices for using video in email

Video in email is really hot at the moment. Why? Videos are entertaining and engaging, and embedding video in email can improve your open rates by 19% and click-through rates by over 50%. What’s more, adding in a relevant, context-driven video will ensure more exposure and in turn help bring quality traffic to your website.

Before we jump into best practices for including video in email, let’s take a look at what will make your endeavour a success

  1. Research the style of video your customers will prefer to view most: For accurate findings, talk to your customer service and sales teams to understand what your customers would like to see. A survey is a great way to find out what style of videos your customers will enjoy viewing in their inbox. Popular video styles include:
  • Welcome video
  • Product demos / how-to videos
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Industry insights
  1. Make a great video: Hire a local video contractor. When you select the right professionals to do the job, the video is able to reflect your business values accurately and in turn will help boost your brand’s image.
  2. Consider presentation: Typically, you can include a video using any of the three methods below:
  • Use an animated gif
  • Use an image link with the video play graphic
  • Embed a video

Remember that only 60% of all email clients support embedding, and so not all your clients may be able to view the video as is. To ensure they don’t miss your video, using a fallback image is a great idea.

  1. Be realistic: Determine your KPIs (key performance indicators), set realistic goals and work towards achieving steady growth.
  2. Test: Set a timeline for testing out your video email strategy. Gather feedback and data to determine if your strategy is working out.


Best practices for video in email

  1. Speak with your email service provider to find out if there are any tools that can help with your video strategy.
  2. Poor quality videos will just not make the cut. Invest in producing quality videos; get the pros to help you out.
  3. Focus on telling a good story. Does your story resonate with your audience? Does it evoke them to take action? Storytelling is an intrinsic element to make your video content shine.
  4. Tailor the length of the video keeping your audience in mind.
  5. Always use ‘video’ in your subject line. They can boost open rates by 19%
  6. Never forget to add a compelling call-to-action in the video as well as in the email’s body copy.
  7. Not all email clients will run an embedded video, so a fallback image is vital. Use an image that compels the audience to watch the video.
  8. Summarise the contents of the video, before your readers can click on the link. Write your email to entice the reader to watch.
  9. HTML5 can help you embed your video in email. Read this guide by Email on Acid to know more.
  10. As always, don’t forget to ask your readers to share the video. Sharing can ensure more qualified leads and traffic to your website.

You can now make your videos stand out and make an awesome impression before your clients and prospects. Invest in cutting-edge video production today. Write to [email protected] 




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