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Beneath the Brand

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Beneath the Brand Vodcast ft Jane Power, CMO, BUPA

It’s throwback Tuesday and today we have a special vodcast project with The Brand Institute in collaboration with B&T. The series titled, Beneath the Brand is an attempt to explore the key business challenges facing brands and businesses of today. The latest episode features an insightful interview with Jane Power, CMO, Bupa, Australia.

Our brief for the vodcast project

We were commissioned to create a full-length podcast (34 mins), as well as a condensed teaser vodcast (7 mins). One of their key requirements was ensuring we produced an engaging and shareable video for their viewers.

How did we work on the project?

We conducted a site recce to get a look-and-feel of the space and set-up. We had to also determine and identify the most creative angles for filming since the office space was relatively small. We arrived on the day of the shoot armed with two Canon C300’s, 16-35mm & 70-200mm lenses, two tripods as well an LED studio panel with light stands, power cables and extension leads.

With the creative control left entirely to us, we captured interesting cutaways for use during editing, especially to maintain a dynamic flow throughout the video. We’ve created all the effects and titles using Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects. The sound was mixed in Adobe Audition.

Filming Beneath the Brand at the BUPA head office in Sydney, in the company of some of the best minds in the industry made for a truly enriching experience. Jane Power was brilliant to work alongside as was interacting with Karl Treacher from The Brand Institute and Huntley Mitchell from B&T.

Watch the vodcast now:

Your takeaway

For brands and businesses: Educational mid-funnel video content like this will help cement brand trust and lead your audience further down the marketing-sales funnel. Invest in video marketing during every stage of the buyer’s journey

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