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5 tips for creating awesome corporate videos

Brands and businesses today are changing the way they approach the traditional corporate video. Today the focus lies in creating content that will engage and entertain their audience, instead of simply looking sale-sy and boring. In a way, corporate videos today are all about good storytelling and understanding the pulse of the potential customer. That’s why; today’s blog post is dedicated to giving you tips for creating awesome corporate videos for your business. Let’s help you get started…

Find out the purpose of the video

You see, not all corporate videos will work to serve the same purpose. Depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is, the videos will also differ. For instance: Maybe you want new customers or new employees. Perhaps you’re looking to create awareness about your products and services. Are you interested in improving your brand’s credibility and boosting brand value with customer testimonials? Take time out to define your goals with your corporate video first and then find stories that help you focus on them.

Plan, plan, plan

A corporate video isn’t something you can produce on your own. It requires collaborative effort. So, once you’ve established your goals, consider the team you’d like to put together to take this project ahead. Also give thought to aspects like timelines, budget and external resources you may want to hire.  Word of caution: No matter what your budget is looking like, you’re going to want your video to make an impact on your potential customers. In that sense, reaching out to video professionals may just be an excellent idea.

Storytelling matters

Stories are inherently about how we think and make meaning of life. Tell a good story and you’ll have your audience getting emotionally invested in your brand. But remember this, not all stories are made equal.  Some will draw in your customers because of how humorous they are; some will be more action-packed, and yet others will tug at the heart strings. Another thing to remember is this: Since videos take time and money to produce, think your story through well. Select the strongest stories that will have the most impact. There is no reason to spend money or resources on a bad video.

Think about production value

Your video doesn’t have to look like the glossy ad films you watch on TV. But, it can’t look like something that came out of a phone camera either. The best way you can guarantee a well-finished and professional video is by hiring the professionals. Look up the web, ask for recommendations; you’re bound to find video production houses who will work well within your budget.

Here’s a video we helped create for the folks at Brother Printers. Notice a difference in production quality when your video is being handled by professionals. Watch now

Share, share!

Once your video has been produced, you have to make sure it’s out there and visible to your audience. Remember marketing and distribution are as important as quality production.  Video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo work well to host. When you do, don’t forget to write captions and descriptors using keywords that will help your video rank well in your category. Your website and company blog are excellent platforms too. Use your email list to let your customers know, but be careful not to get too spam-my in the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Get brainstorming today. What’s your next big idea for your video? Talk to us and let’s get started. Write in to [email protected]

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