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Animated Videos for the Bigger Backyard Campaign

The Bigger Backyard campaign by In Good Company Northern Rivers is helping local business in the region flourish and grow.

Initiated by the NSW Business Chamber in partnership with seven local Government councils of the Northern Rivers, Regional Development Australia, Southern Cross University and supported by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, the campaign relies on a collaborative commitment by the region’s local businesses in the hopes of strengthening the local economy through spending with local and regional suppliers, products and services.

What were the campaign’s marketing goals?

To grow engagement around the Bigger Backyard campaign, we were commissioned to create three animated videos to be run mainly through the brand’s website and social media platforms. If you think about it, the strategy makes perfect sense. Because, when it comes to growing brand engagement, video marketing is right on the money. Not only are viewers more captivated by video content, but they also engage better with video than any other communication tool. As it turns out, almost 65% of people are visual learners, while 90% of the information transmitted by the brain is visual.

Animated videos, in particular, tend to evoke emotions and resonate deeply with viewers. No wonder they make for compelling marketing tools when sharing your brand story in a more comprehensive way. For the Bigger Backyard Campaign, we’ve created three informative animation videos: a 30-second explainer video, a 15-sec version of the explainer as well as a how-to pledge video.

Explainer video

How to pledge video

How Two Story worked on the Bigger Backyard Campaign

The project was set within a tight timeframe of about three weeks. Initially, the client provided us with a brief and a few sketches to help us get a sense of the project’s requirement. We were also involved in some phases of the pre-production process to gain a better understanding of the video and the best way to communicate it through an animated film.

In the next stages, we developed visuals and animations for each scene. The backgrounds – trees, mountains, hills, characters, shop fronts, roads, signs – were all either sourced or created. We added music and finally all the logos and branding to ensure that all the stakeholders were included where necessary.

The Project Outcome

Within the first few weeks of the videos going live, the campaign saw over a whopping 300 new sign-ups taking the pledge to buy local and boost the local economy.

Don’t underestimate the power of video marketing to help grow engagement and boost the ROI on your marketing efforts. Spark conversations around your brand with video. Connect with the pros to transform your brief into an evocative video that stimulates audience action. Write in, to [email protected] today.


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