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Anchorage Capital Partners

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Corporate Video Production for Anchorage Capital’s AGM

Corporate Video series for Anchorage Capital’s Annual General Meeting in Sydney


Anchorage Capital Partners required AGM videos that highlighted six of their portfolio companies situated in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This involved interviews with the CEOʼs of each portfolio company as well as creating engaging b-roll footage to compliment the videos.

6 x AGM Portfolio Videos (Mp4)


Anchorage Capital Partners is a Sydney based specialised private equity firm that invests in businesses operating below their full potential or undergoing a significant transformation. Their services are not specific to any industry, which means their portfolio companies are varied across many sectors. Anchorage manages three funds with a total of $810M funds under management.


Initially, we needed to liaise with our client to create a timeline for all filming schedules as well as coordinate the travel, accommodation and crew across the three cities involved.


Each location had a multi camera setup for the interviews, as well as creating suitable lighting and optimal audio recordings with each CEO. Then, we needed to record suitable b-roll footage to complement the interviews of each person and to showcase their work within each particular industry.

Post Production

RAW timecoded footage was supplied to our client to select the best interview sections. We seamlessly integrated multi cam interview footage with b-roll, logos and licensed music to finish off these professional looking corporate videos.


CEOʼs generally donʼt have a lot of time to spare so the whole filming process needed to be extremely streamlined – from bump in, to filming, to wrap up. This had to be repeated across 6 x locations in 3 x different cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.. oh and all in 3 x days!


Working with such a diverse range of organisations, gave us an interesting insight into each of the industries they represented, from Commercial Laundry, Footwear and Apparel, through to Transport and Education.

Clients Feedback

The management of Anchorage Capital Partners was extremely pleased with how we coordinated and produced the videos as well as how we managed to integrate the vast and varied industries into the videos harmoniously making all six videos easy to watch, engaging and informative for those who attended their AGM.


6 x AGM Portfolio Videos (Mp4)

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