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Advertising Video Commercial

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Advertising Video Commercial for Fitgraphix  

Floor decals company, Fitgraphix commissioned us a short advertising video commercial to showcase  their unique product offering.

Brief: The brief was specific; a 30-second advertising video featuring the DIY system of Fitgraphix’s custom-designed floor decals at individual gyms and training facilities. The brief particularly emphasised that the video showcase the overall ease of designing, ordering (online), laying out the decals and using it. The look and feel of the video: Fun and upbeat.

How we did it 

Pre-production work commenced with preparing a storyboard for the film aligned with the brief. Fitgraphix arranged acting talent for the shoot. The online computer screen shots were all filmed in our office, whereas the gym sequences were filmed at the Fitgraphix gym based in Sydney. Additional office scenes were captured at our Two Story offices.

Production details

On the day of the shoot, a mixture of cameras was used including:

  1. A Go Pro device for capturing the time-lapse
  1. Canon 5Dmkii with slider for the steady camera footage

For post-production, both DSLR and Go-Pro footage was combined and our editors were tasked with the challenging role of keeping the editing very tight, owing to the 30-second time limit. We also ended up adding logos and effective CTAs to stimulate purchase.


One of the biggest challenges in this project was that the client was particularly new to video marketing and advertising. This meant that we had to come up with the concept and layout for the video and also familiarize them with the ways of video production. Another challenge was adhering to the time limit of 30 seconds. This meant we had to pack in all that was relevant without making the advertising video commercial look like a bombardment on the senses.

Watch the video now

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