Two Story is a creative video production company based in Sydney. Our vision is to create engaging video content that inspires audience action.

How We Work

Two Story is a full-service corporate video production company in Sydney. We can provide a turn-key solution to video production by managing the project for you. We can help guide you through the process from start to finish. As the client you can have as much or as little involvement as you like.

All our services fall under the three core areas of the production process;  pre-production, production & post-production . Here’s how we do it!


We initially meet with you and your team to understand the aims and objectives of your video project. We work with you on the creative look and feel of the video. We then develop the story and script in alignment with your video strategy. Once approved, we proceed with planning, logistics and sorting out crew and talent for the shoot.


3..2..1 Action! This is where we arrive on the day to capture all the raw footage, combining our creative skills and professional film experience. We use a wide range of equipment for production work, that is sometimes as complex and technical as a high-end 8K camera or as simple as attaching a Go-Pro to a clamp!


This is where your story comes to life! Our in-house editor ties the video together with all your important brand details – logos, titles and CTAs during the edit. We discuss any changes or tweaks with you, and hand over the final video to you. You now have a video that delivers just right on your marketing strategy.