Two Story is a creative video production company based in Sydney. Our vision is to create engaging video content that inspires audience action.

About Us

Duane Robinson

Duane Robinson is an AIPPVP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and Video Producers), accredited commercial video producer and photographer with over a decades experience in video production and creative directing. His work enables Government, Corporate and SMEs to speak effectively to their audience and/or stakeholders.
Duane has extensive experience directing clients in many different settings, including: homes, office settings, and remote communities around Australia.
He has completed projects for Toshiba, Hitachi, Woolworths, Transport for NSW, Metro Trains, and the Museum of Brisbane.
Duanes empathetic nature and charismatic personality allows him to connect with real people and talent and with whom have extremely limited or no on-camera experience, which allows him to put them at ease and therefore ensures he achieves genuine and candid results.

Andrew Tran

Andrew Tran is an alumni of AFTRS (Academy of Film, Theatre & Television) and is the Cinematographer, Director of Photography and Editor for Two Story. He has covered almost any industry and commercial activity you could name for a huge variety of clients ranging from large corporate organisations and government departments through to SMEs.
His experience behind the lens has helped create engaging contact for many clients he has worked for, such as – Coca-Cola, Bosch, NGS Super, Westpac and Brother printers.
Andrew has an ability to create a relaxed environment during production which always ensures he achieves genuine and candid results for each project he works on.
He was also a short film festival finalist in the Shortcuts Film Festival

Darren Taing

Darren completed his Bachelor in Media Screen and Sound Production at UNSW and is Editor and 1st Camera Assist for Two Story.
His creative mind and storytelling skills have also helped many of our customers to speak effectively to their audience and/or stakeholders.

Dave Robb

Dave Robb is our Corporate Accounts Manager. His work entails developing and executing strategies that help Two Story provide ongoing professional services to its growing list of corporate clients.  He has worked closely with Duane to implement principles of professional customer service. This has in turn helped build and sustain long term, strategic partnerships with our largest corporate clients. Contact Dave today at [email protected]