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The About Us Video: Fountainline IMS

The About Us page is the most important page on your website. It’s where most of your prospects are hanging out to find out more about your company. That’s why an about us video is the best way to tell your story, boost brand credibility, create an image and build trust among your prospects.

And so, for one of our recent video projects, we were assigned the task of creating a compelling about us video for renowned manufacturing company Fountainline IMS.

Being in the business of manufacturing, there is a lot of information that can sometimes be very complicated to showcase in a video. It was up to us to simplify these complex procedures in an easy-to-understand series of visuals for potential clients to see and understand in a span of 2-3 minutes. We had to create an about us video that effectively summarised the company’s offerings to their prospects.

There was also a requirement to show some of the company’s high-tech machinery which in some cases can be <$1million.

And that’s why it was very important to understand the business and the workflow before we could put together a visual narrative.  But, as always, it was a ton of fun and we’ve managed to bring out the nuances of the manufacturing process in just this one about us video.



Truth be told: Manufacturing provides some fantastic visuals. We were able to get creative and use a variety of filming techniques. For instance, GoPro’s were mounted inside machines with fast moving parts, to get right close up to the action!

If you liked what you just saw, and have a requirement for an about us video for your business website, go write ahead and contact us today!


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