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Design Team’s Case Study Video for Hitachi  

We recently worked with Sydney-based digital agency Design Team to create a 2-3 minute case study video. The video captures in both time-lapse and real time filming, the process of conceptualising and building Hitachi’s display stand for a trade exhibition. The video showcases the design features of the display stand, as well as brand Hitachi’s inputs on its build quality and design.


The Brief

Design Team wanted the video to begin with shots of the team at the office conceptualising and discussing the project with their client. Further, the construction process of the stand needed to be showcased in detail. The video had to end with shots of the display stand captured during the event, along with captures of visitors interacting and Hitachi employees sharing feedback on their thoughts about the display stand.


How we did it?

With the brief in place, we commenced pre-production meetings to discuss specific ideas for the shoot and storyboard; location details and filming times. Timing was key, since we had to capture every facet of the building process while it happened. We kept the time-lapse running at all times, so we could capture the entire construction work.

We shot at multiple locations, including:

  1. The Design Team office
  1. Equipment testing facility ( supplier)
  1. Exhibition building ( Sydney Olympic park)

The camera equipment for the shoot included:

  1. 2 x DSLR’s
  1. Slider
  1. GoPro’s for time-lapse of the build

For post-production, our editors were tasked with combing through all the raw footage, on the DSLRs, the GoPro time-lapse as well as the interviews captured during the event. They have masterfully edited the case study video to incorporate every detail in the creative brief without  extending the time frame of the video.

Take a look at our slick and wonderfully edited film for Design Team


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