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6 videos to boost your event video marketing efforts

Today video has become one of the most efficient and effective ways to market your event and engage your attendees. If you’re an event manager, you’ll know how much the trend of event video marketing has gathered significance. Here’s a list of the 6 types of video content that can help boost brand credibility and participation at your next event.

The event highlights video

In this type of video, you’re going to pan your camera taking in all the laughs, learning and the overall energy of the space.  You’ll be capturing expressions of the attendees, the mood of the event  the design and ambience of the space, etc. Once you’ve done that, you’ll turn it into a tightly edited film that inspires your attendees or makes them happy about being there. It’s also a great way to showcase how good your event looks to customers or prospects who missed it. The idea of this video is to get them excited for your next event.

Watch our event highlight’s video for a Nucerity event in Sydney; it captures all the best moments of the event.

Expert videos

If you’re looking to boost credibility and convince more people to sign up for your event, telling them in advance about the influential people or experts who will be present at your event is a huge plus. What’s better is to get your experts and presenters to shoot a quick video snippet telling your audience exactly what they can expect at the event. Establishing authority is one of the best tactics for persuasion.

And while you’re at the event, you can always snag these experts in between their talks and do a quick Q&A video interview. You could even have this shared live on your social media platforms and website. This is also a great time to ask them about their opinion of the event.  The idea here is to get as much extra value for your customers as possible.

Video Webinars

Based on the size of your event, it may be worthwhile organising a pre-event video webinar or hangout with your attendees. Someone eminent from the event can host this webinar and throw the forum open for questions about what they can expect during the event and so forth. Another great idea is to invite former attendees and guests and have them share their experiences of the event with your current guests during the webinar. For effective event video marketing remember to record this webinar and share it on your website and social media platforms, so potential attendees feel convinced to sign up for your event.

How-to Videos

How to videos are very instructional in nature and hence such a rage these days. In terms of better event video marketing, you could capture the different demonstrations taking place during your event. Share these videos on your website and your social platforms. How-to videos help potential customers understand the scope of your work. Plus, they’re also able to see how stuff works in your business. This can be a huge credibility booster for your brand.

Live video

When it comes to effective event video marketing, live video is the latest buzzword. Think Facebook Live or Periscope to reach out live to your audience.  Live video presents you the opportunity to relay and talk to your audience while all the action happens. This piques the interest particularly of those who couldn’t make it to your event and perhaps even makes them feel sad about not being there in person. What it also does is helps your audience see all the action behind the scenes as well.

Video testimonials

This is an excellent opportunity for you to not only promote your event, but also have trusted clients vouch for your event and your business. You could ideally set up a video booth at your event and encourage clients to walk in and capture them speaking about the event for a minute or so.

Last year, we captured an event video for home automation brand Somfy. Halfway through the video (1 min 34 sec), there’s a segment, where clients  talk about what’s so great about Somfy! Watch now…


Now go forth and ramp up your events with videos that promote, encourage sign-ups and bring you a full house of attendance. Quality videos will make your events shine and have your audience members sit up and take notice. How about we help you with producing a quality video? Write in to [email protected] today.

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