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Landing Page Video

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5 Ways a Landing Page Video will Boost your Business

We all know that a landing page is one of the best ways to create a lasting impression on

your target audience. However, including a video on your page is one of the most successful

ways of converting your target audience into successful leads. A video will prevent browsers

from bouncing from your services to your competitors. Instead, it will lock them in to use your

services, to buy your products and engage with your brand from the first clip.

Why is that you may ask? Let us walk you through it.


It Holds Your Visitor’s Attention

One of the biggest challenges any company faces is to get visitors to your page and, once

they are there, the challenge continues to be able to keep them there.

A video immediately captures a visitor’s attention, creating a larger chance for them to

engage with your brand. Positioning a video at the top of your page, where a visitor can

immediately access the vital information they are seeking in a quick snippet exhibits your

company’s ease in communication and drive to showcase your skillset in a quick and

informative way that every visitor can digest effortlessly.

Research shows that the average visitor will spend 105% more time on a page with a video.

More time equals more interest, more interest equals more conversion into sales for your



We All Prefer To Watch Rather Than Read

Modern media has made audience member’s attention span short. Extremely short. In fact,

generally within a couple of seconds of being on a page, a visitor will decide to engage with

your company or not.

Creating a video with all the important information at the very top of your page means it is far

more likely to be watched over a person reading the same information to the end of your

page. Don’t waste time trying to think of how to write your story in words, tell your audience

through video and audio instead.


It Builds An Emotional Connection

Music, images, colours and voiceovers all create emotional connections with visitors. Most of

the time visitors won’t even know that they are connecting with these cues, however, when a

combination of all elements is achieved, you are sure to spark a deeper connection than

what can be done through written words and static images.

Upbeat music can achieve feelings of optimism and enthusiasm for your brand. Real

testimonials from clients can achieve a deeper level of trust for your brand. Watching your

team at work can achieve a sense of reliability for your services as they see your offerings in



It Explains Your More Complex Services and Products

Having someone tell you how to do something is much easier than reading a manual to get

the job done. This gets even easier if you can visualise the process as well.

By creating a video that takes a visitor through your product or service they can imagine how

their life would be easier with the help of your business. They will immediately know what to

expect when they choose you. Even the most complex software, app, product or in-person

service can be broken down through spoken words and images much simpler than through a

written explanation.


Essentially, Videos Get Better Results

With all that combined, a video explainer video at the top of a landing page is far more

effective than any other way of marketing your business. You will engage more potential

clients, convert that potential into real sales and get far more visitors excited about working

with your brand. Holding your visitor’s attention is the main goal of any landing page,

promoting them to use your call to action and building a lasting relationship with your

company. Nothing can quite achieve this better than a landing page video, visible from the

moment the page loads on a visitor’s screen.

Interested in creating a video for your landing page? Contact us today to find out how we

can help you create the perfect video for your page and boost your business.

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