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videos to hook and engage your potential customer

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5 videos to hook and engage potential customers

In our previous blog post, we talked about the type of videos that work best to boost online sales. But before you can get to the point where your potential customer is deciding to buy, your videos have to help him/her navigate through the first two stages of the buyer’s journey as well; the awareness and consideration stage. Today we’ll look at the videos to hook and engage potential customers and set them on the path to purchase.


Typically in the awareness stages, your potential customer is experiencing business problems, but isn’t exactly sure about how to solve it. This is where you can create video content that is educational, answers their queries and helps them find solutions specific to their requirements.

Videos to hook and engage potential customers during the awareness stage

FAQs video: At this stage, your prospect is performing informational searches and is looking for answers to queries. FAQ videos do well to help your prospect not only discover solutions to their problems but also gain a sense of familiarity about your brand. What’s more it helps build trust, authenticity and credibility for your business.

Here’s a cool FAQs video we dug out…

How-to videos:  At its core, how-to videos are amazing because they show people how something difficult/complicated can be achieved with step-by-step instructions. You can engage potential customers by showing them how to solve a particular business issue with this style of video. What’s more, a how-to video also positions your brand as authoritative and an industry-leader on the subject, making it more likely for them to consider your products or services as an appropriate solution.

Asana has created an entire video how-to video series called How to Asana. It’s both clever and memorable.

Educational videos: Since your potential customers are currently looking for answers, they’re likely to be very receptive to learning. Your best strategy in this case is to be super helpful. Offer them real value by creating content that helps make their lives feel better and easier.

For instance, Google Webmasters does a great job of creating educational video content geared for start-ups in this video titled SEO for start-ups in 10 minutes.


Videos to hook and engage potential customers during the consideration stage

During this stage of the buyer’s journey, your prospect is looking to consider all options available. They’ve discovered your website, seem interested in your products or services, but want to make sure they’ve searched enough and picked the right business to purchase from. Your goal is now to convince them that your solution is the best. Some of the videos that work include:

Explainer videos: Will explain the details of your product or service in an engaging and memorable way. You’ll want to use a lot of attractive visuals, concise language and clear communication. What’s more, these videos are exceedingly popular in boosting engagement and brand credibility. Plus, they’re super versatile too. Think whiteboard videos or even animated explainers to make your point.

This is an animated explainer video for CrazyEgg. We love the problem/solution animation in the video.

Comparison videos: A product comparison is an excellent way to highlight the advantages of your product or service vis-a-vis that of another brand. Show your potential customers what they stand to benefit by selecting your business over your competition.

Who can forget this epic ad campaign by Apple to differentiate the Mac from the PC. Here’s how they did it!


Always remember to create relevant videos  for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Understand what your customer is experiencing, and use video to help them navigate through their purchase decision.

Speaking of the right kind of video content, don’t forget to take a look at some of our latest portfolio of work.  If you’d like us to help you create your next video write in to [email protected] today.



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