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5 video marketing mistakes to avoid

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Top 5 video marketing mistakes to avoid

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that video marketing is simply one of the most effective ways to attract, engage and convert your audience. Having said that though, there are a few pitfalls that you can fall easy prey to, if you’re not paying enough attention. So, whether you’re new at this or have been at it for a while, take a look at the top 5 video marketing mistakes to avoid.

  1. Making a video without a plan: The idea that a video alone is enough to grow engagement and conversions, is a trap you can never fall into. When you produce a video without an overarching marketing plan and a proper distribution strategy, your efforts are likely to backfire.  To avoid this error, evaluate your marketing goals before you go about producing the video. Think about why you need the video, who your audience is and what you expect them to do after watching your video.
  2. Conveying too much in one video: A video is your chance to showcase the best your company has to offer and put a visual to the text for your audience to remember you by. But, that in no way implies that you can stuff it up. When you try to cram one video with too many messages, it can not only be confusing for your audience, it could potentially make you look spammy. Stick to one clear message and play it out well. Let that always be your motto when producing your video.
  3. Making the video about you and not your audience: The one thing that can really put off your audience is when you pedal your products and services in their faces blatantly without explaining the underlying benefits that they stand to receive. To put it in perspective, every time you think of the type of content you want to create for your video, ask yourself, so-what? Ultimately, your so-what, has to yield an answer that goes to directly solving the customer’s pain. Until it does, you haven’t really hit the nail on the head, and your video content will really be average at best.
  4. No CTA: The other big fail in video marketing is when you forget or ignore the all-important call-to-action at the end of your video. What is it that you would like your audience to do after they’ve watched your video? Would you like them to head to your website? Give you a call? Spell out your CTA as clearly as possible and help your audience take the desired series of steps to help you fulfill your business goals.
  5. Selecting the wrong video producer: Don’t ignore what a quality and professionally-produced video can do for you. We’ve put this on our list of 5 video marketing mistakes to avoid for the same reason. It’s very important to find a video producer who understands your company’s goals and is able tot translate that in the way he/she captures and produces your video. When you work with video producers who ignore this basic requirement, your video may not be able to communicate your desired brand image very consistently. A high quality video is a huge credibility booster too, so find the right pros to help you out.

Now that you know better about the 5 video marketing mistakes to avoid, go forth and make videos that help with your marketing goals! And if you’re in the market for a qualified, accredited video producer to take care of all your production requirements, let’s have a chat today. Write in to [email protected]



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