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videos to boost engagement on social media

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5 types of videos to boost engagement on social media today

When it comes to measuring how well your content is performing, engagement is a very important metric to consider. Broadly, videos are known to boost engagement and even drive conversions better than other forms of content.  And while this may surprise you, there are some types of videos that perform better than others, depending on the platform it is being shared on.  This week we’re focusing on social media platforms. So, if you’re looking to drive more engagement here, we’ve got 5 types of videos to boost engagement on social media.

Let’s explore what these video types are…

Trending stories and news

Trending topics make for excellent video content ideas on social media. You’ll find people discussing and interacting with them, especially if you you’ve created them with a unique angle in mind. Even videos about the latest news items doing rounds will provide opportunity to your audience to join the conversation.  And you’ll notice how they’ll love being part of it.

Behind-the-scene videos

Authentic behind-the-scenes videos that provide a peek into the company’s culture, its people, encourage tons of engagement. What’s more, it also allows you an opportunity to showcase your brand values in the most effective manner possible. To drive more engagement, you could think about injecting some humour or inspiration in your videos.

Stories that evoke emotional responses

Videos that tell stories with an emotional trigger do well to elicit an emotional response. So, whether your video is humourous, touching, or inspirational, a video that is charged with emotion is bound to help you achieve your goals and drive more engagement.

This ad is by Audi is a stunning example of just this! The ad strikes a chord by touching upon a very relevant subject in today’s times about pay inequality. The ad concludes with Audi stating their stance on equal pay for equal work. The ad went on to garner tons of audience trust and the brand was praised profusely for their commitment to pay equality.

Instructional videos or educational guides

One thing that people love is being taught or shown to do something that they find difficult to accomplish. This is why, how-to or instructional videos are such a rage on social media these days. You can take this opportunity as a way to showcase your expertise by creating a video that teaches something valuable to your audience. What’s more, because these videos are so helpful, they are also likely to be shared more often than other types of videos. The other benefit is that, when you teach something that is related to your business, your audience members are likely to remember you above any other brand, when they choose to make a purchase.

Asana has an entire how-to-series branded as How to Asana and we love how memorable they are. Watch now…

Live Videos

Live video has exploded on social media and with good reason. They’re in the moment, as the action unfolds and are arguably the best way to get your audience to engage with your brand. The kind of video that you may create will vary according to your niche. However, the most common and popular styles of live videos include, webinars, event showcases, discussion panels, expert interviews, or even videos about your brand’s culture.

So, there you have it, the 5 types of videos to boost engagement on social media today. Now, if you’re looking for assistance to create a technically sound and beautifully edited  video, please give us a call today or write in to



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