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5 types of videos that convert leads to customers

Video is the most effective way to tell a story. We’ve all agreed on that. Audience-tailored videos will attract, create awareness, engage and convert potential customers. It will lead them to move down the sales funnel quickly and promote growth for your business. So, what are some of the most powerful types of videos to convert leads to customers?

For effective video content marketing that helps your business grow, I’ve listed down 5 prominent types of videos you should be considering deeply. They are:

  1. About us/ Corporate profile video
  2. Testimonial videos
  3. Explainer videos
  4. Case-study video
  5. Instructional/How to videos
  1. About Us video: The about us page is perhaps the most visited page on your website. Always remember this: We all like to buy from people we like. Turn this principle on its head to show your potential customers, why you’re the right choice of business for them. It’s like this, the more they like and approve of you as a business or a brand, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.

Strategic benefits of an About Us video

  1. Tells your story
  2. Build brand respect
  3. Creates a brand image
  4. Builds trust

Take a look at this About-Us event video we created for Food Services Australia.  The purpose of this video was to help promote the show to their exhibitors. We filmed this in a Vox pop style with interviews and highlights of the show.

  1. Testimonial videos: These types of videos involve past customers sharing their experiences about working with your brand. Testimonial videos use the principle of social proof to build your authority before leads and prospects. Prospects are assured that your claims are legitimate and that your business will deliver actual results for them. Use testimonial videos on your website where leads will find them most relevant, especially where people are looking up your products and services. Place them strategically on your website where you want people to convert.

Types of videos

The strategic benefits of a testimonial video

  1. Builds authority
  2. Builds trust
  3. Reinforces your brand image
  4. Influences your buyer’s decision
  5. Closes sales
  1. Explainer videos

The explainer type of  video is ideal when you want to showcase your products or services and explain their underlying benefits to your prospects. The explainer video will show your prospects how the product works, the ease of usage, and how that will solve their specific business problems. Keep the narration crisp to engage your audience. What’s great about explainer videos is that with a well-thought-through script and storyline, you can move your potential customers down the buying continuum.

Here is an explainer/product  video we executed for SmartLine GPS.

The strategic benefits of an explainer video:

  1. Complete product/service know-how for the prospect
  2. Stimulates purchase decisions
  3. Increases desire to purchase your product
  1. Case-study videos: These types of videos work brilliantly to create buzz and anticipation around your product or service for your prospects. In this type of video, you build a sense of authority and trust by showing your prospects how you helped your previous clients. This gives assurance and a very clear idea of what your business can do for your prospects. Execute case-study videos by having members of your team discuss the key factors that helped your past clients solve their business problems. Discuss objectives and end results to reinforce your credibility. Remember: It’s has to be about real people discussing real problems for the video to resonate deeply with your audience and move them to choose your business over your competitors.

Here’s an interesting case-study video for Somfy, a brand that is into smart home solutions, automation, the works! Somfy wanted to maximise their exposure by creating marketing material in the form of a case study video, that could be used through their social media channels and e-marketing.

The strategic benefits of a case-study video:

  1. Builds trust
  2. Builds authority
  3. Prospects are more convinced to purchase after finding how you solved real business problems with your solutions
  4. Closes sales
  1. How-to Videos: People love it when their questions are answered and they can actually see how stuff gets done. One of the proven ways of effective content marketing is to educate and help your audience and have them automatically turn to you to solve their persisting business problems. When you put together an educational video, you’re serving up real value to your prospects on a plate, and that is something totally irresistible. The idea is to be genuinely helpful and earn their trust, and by that build a strong link to your brand.

Types of Videos

The key to success lies in creating the right kind of visual content to reinforce your commitment to your client and show them how much your business can help solve their problems. At Two Story, we understand the value of the great visual content v/s sleazy sale-sy content that is mediocre at best. Our underlying focus is to help you craft compelling visual marketing material that serves that solves your audience’s business problems. Write to us today to help you create the video that will make all the difference!

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