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5 types of videos in 2018

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5 types of videos in 2018: How to plan your video marketing campaign

Video marketing has  grown to emerge as the No. 1 way to grow engagement and convert prospects into paying customers for many businesses today. And as unbelievable as it feels, 2017 is almost up.  Now before you proceed any further, ask yourself:  What is my video marketing strategy for the next year? Do I have a budget allocated? If your answer is maybe/ probably, chances are you haven’t given it much thought. But, please don’t lose sleep over it. Think now and plan ahead. Video marketing is after all the most effective way to promote and market your products and services. So what types of videos should you be focusing more on in the New Year. We’re recommending 5 types of videos in 2018 that your video marketing campaign will simply fall flat without.

Must-Haves: 5 Types of Videos in 2018

  1. Product Overview/ Company Mission Statement

This is the video you’ll want on your company’s homepage.  It’s one of the most crucial videos you’ll make for your brand or product and should communicate one or all of the following: what you do, who you serve, what problems your product solves, and what does your business believe in.  The idea is to keep it engaging and immediately draw the interest of any one who visits your website. The video could be live or animated or both!

Here’s an excellent example

  1. Testimonials & Case Studies

There is a thing called social proof that bolsters brand credibility and authenticity in a way that no other method can. You see, when businesses want to hire other businesses, they want to first know the experiences of others when dealing with said brand or company. They also want to know if the products/services actually work. A third party/past client validation is key in such instances.  These videos are vital to your strategy, so go all out!

A testimonial video by  our very own client, John Kohlenberg, Creative Director, DK Advertising.


  1. How-to videos / Product Demos

Once you’ve convinced your prospects of your credibility as a business, you’ll want them browse through your offerings. At this stage, how-to videos or product demos can come in handy. These videos are intended to show your prospects how you can help solve their particular business problem with your products and services.  And that’s why explainer style videos,  how-to guides, product walkthroughs or instructional videos can lend tremendous value to your strategy.



  1. Brand Culture / Recruitment

Showcase your brand’s success and personality by putting together a company culture video. This also works well to help recruit new talent for the company.

This is a fantastic recruitment video for Apple. It’s simple, impactful and conveys the brand’s pursuit for perfection.

  1. Social media Videos

Social media videos are the  norm and your best chance at grabbing eyeballs. With social videos you can simply re-purpose existing content and transform them into shorter clips, customer quote snippets, etc and help drive traffic to your website. You could use the platform to even announce new company initiatives, product releases, event behind the scenes, and more.

It could be something as simple as this…


There you have it,  5 types of videos in 2018.   Of course, there’s a lot more video content out there that can help with your business goals. Make sure you don’t ignore the power of video in the New Year. And if you need help crafting professional video content, we can get your sorted. Write to us today:




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