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5 Case Study Video questions you must ask your clients

A case study video is a great way to show interested leads how great you are. It’s a chance to talk about how your client approached you with a problem, and how you provided a solution to that problem. You can highlight a specific product or service that your client implemented to achieve a return on investment, cost savings or increased turnover for their business.

The key to a successful case study video is to involve all parties – you, your client and the video production company. The interviewee in most cases, will have an understanding of what responses you’re hoping to garner from them. They will at least have a list of questions prior to filming, a ‘cheat sheet’ if you like, so we aren’t surprising them on the day.

As part of our service, we provide guidance throughout the journey, from pre-production and filming on the day, to post production and handing over the finished video.

A professionally produced case study video will be engaging to the viewer and help explain sometimes complex scenarios in an easy to comprehend way. It can be used as one of your marketing tools to help convert leads into sales.

Knowing which questions to ask your client is an important part of how successful the case study will be received and understood by your lead. Your questions will help provide a narrative to the story,  and give you an opportunity to promote a specific product or service. Below is a list of questions to ask:

5 case study questions you must ask your clients

1: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the company

This is an opportunity to set the scene and give a bit of background about the company or brand… things like, For example – Industry, company size, or years in business, Unique selling proposition, their role or position in the company.

2: What were the challenges you needed to solve before finding our product/service?

Here we want to know about the challenges your clients had before finding your product or service as their solution. Also, what were their pain points  and why did this have such a significant impact on their business..?

3: Why did you choose our product or service over other solutions..?  Sub question – Any specific info about the product – features/experience dealing with the company?

What made you decide on this product or service and how did it provide the solution to your problems..? This could be a great opportunity to talk about a specific product or features and how it meets your needs.

4: What has the result been after implementing our product? ROI / $$ Dollars saved/ % Percentage turnover / KPI’s achieved?

Here we can talk specifically about real returns and savings; Return on investment, KPI’s achieved, increases in turnover, and/or actual dollars saved.

5: Recommendations / Any other thoughts?

This is where we want your client to talk about their overall experience. Would they recommend this product/service/company to other companies that might be facing similar problems? And why?


It’s important to note that these questions serve more as prompts when asked of your client. As mentioned previously, your client will have a copy of the questions/answers prior to filming, so they will be well prepared with their responses. As part of our service, we will have a clear understanding of the responses required, and can provide guidance if they start going off topic. We also provide a relaxed environment for our interviewee, to ensure we achieve a genuine and believable response.

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