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4 things the best corporate videos have in common

When you create a corporate video, the idea is not to showcase your products or services, but to bring alive your company’s culture, its people and your business values with clarity and consistency to your audience. What’s more, thanks to evolution of digital video marketing and your audience, corporate videos today can be anything but boring. Today, prospects and customers expect video content that is engaging, witty, and packed with information that spells out benefits for them. And while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when creating a corporate video, here are some of the attributes that the best corporate videos have in common.

Touching upon the audience’s pain points: The best corporate videos will focus on their audience’s pain points. Businesses feel motivated to buy when they’re facing issues and need a particular solution to solve them. Therefore, identifying your customer’s problem in your video and offering them an appropriate solution is a good way to win their affection and trust. Instead of peddling your products in their faces, this problem-solution approach works well to make your brand look sincere and informative.

Monitoring the length of the video: Thanks to the visible content overload on the internet today, attention spans have plummeted significantly. So, if you’re not creating video content that hooks and engages your viewer from the first few seconds, you may as well not create any content. You see, some of the best corporate videos today will work with a neat script and keep it short and sweet.  Winding sentences will mean a longer video and this could run the danger of your audience switching out before the video is even over. Our tip: Don’t waste time in building up to your main selling point. Get to it early in your video, and keep your messaging short.

Adding a CTA: Most engaging corporate videos will end with a clear call-to-action. Once you’ve got your customer by the hook, it’s important to guide and help them take the desired action. A CTA is an absolute must-have!

Focusing on all elements of the video: If there is one truth about effective video making, it is that no one aspect of a video truly trumps another. Everything from the script, storytelling, camera work, audio and editing has to be looked into and worked on with equal attention to detail. Notice how the most of the best corporate videos will have this one attribute in common. When you pay attention to every aspect of the video, you’ll see how cohesive and sincere it makes your brand look.

See, it’s that simple; the secret sauce for every one of those successful corporate videos. Now, if you’re looking for some professional help to create compelling corporate videos for your business, you’re in the right place. All you have to do is write in to [email protected] today and we’ll get you started.


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