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4 Reasons why your business needs stock drone footage

Drone imagery and video has changed the industry. In that, it has created avenues for businesses, TV and film professionals to create content that were practically impossible to do before. Come to think of it, visually stunning aerial footage could only be achieved in the past by hiring helicopters at a great expense. That has changed today, thanks to the advent of drone technology. But taking this one step forward is the concept of stock drone footage. In fact, as a video production company, we’ve been producing a lot of stock footage and it’s helped our clients enormously over the past couple of years.

So, what exactly is stock drone footage? Aerial or drone stock footage is usually general in nature and is therefore not limited to any specific company or brand. Think: Harbour Bridge, ferries, cityscape, landscapes, and landmarks. These are short clips ranging from 5secs to 2mins

So, if you’re in the business of producing a lot of video content, stock drone footage will help you enhance your videos and achieve the finish you need, without going out to shoot.

In most instances, this stock footage is fresh, relevant and contemporary; locations are legit. Stock aerial footage can make your existing videos look professional, and can be purchased at a relatively low cost without having to contract a professional for a defined period of time

Still not convinced? We’ll give you:

4 reasons why your business will benefit from investing in stock drone footage

  1. It will save you time: Using stock drone footage can save you lots of time. As you know, the process of producing a video is elaborate and time consuming. There’s conceptualizing, storyboarding, pre-production, planning, travelling, setting up… and all of this is before you can even begin your shoot. Now imagine adding on that extra effort and cost of shooting aerial footage too. So whether you’re producing an explainer, promotional or event video, stock footage inserted creatively can help not only elevate your video to an all-new level, it can save you tons of time.

For example: We worked on an event gig with a US-based company Nucerity during one of their annual conferences in Sydney. To boost the video’s appeal, we’ve creatively added some breathtaking stock aerial footage of iconic Sydney and surrounds. Watch it now!

  1. It will help you if you’re on a budget: We’ve mentioned this before, and we cannot emphasise more on the value of stock drone footage when it comes to helping minimise your production costs, without compromising on your video’s quality. You see, stock footage has already been filmed. And that’s why you’re not going to have to pay someone to go out and film for you specifically. In fact some drone captures can be impossibly expensive to create on your own, unless of course you’re working with very generous budgets. And because aerial footage is really hot right now, you can avail of it for much less than the cost of a drone or a helicopter and make your videos shine.


  1. You’re legally protected: When you buy stock aerial footage from reputable suppliers,  you’ll know instantly whether you have permission to use it for commercial settings. This means more peace of mind for you as a business. For instance, we shoot all our footage on our CASA approved drone. It’s legal, legit and you’ll be stress-free too.


  1. You can focus on more important things: When it comes to putting together a video, not everything has to look exclusive or bespoke. Sometimes it’s only important to focus on the shots, the content and scenes that depend on hired talent or locations. For other things like timelapses, green screens or even generic aerial captures, you need not always have to worry about shooting them on your own. What’s more, most stock drone captures are the work of professionals. They’ve got an eye for what makes a video work and will go the mile to produce stock footage that looks compelling and can be effortlessly incorporated into your video.


At the Two Story studio, we’ve created an expansive database of beautiful, accessible and affordable aerial footage that works and aligns with what businesses need today to make their videos get noticed and popular.  Some of our latest stock footage is from New Zealand, Alice Springs, Tasmania and Yarra Valley, where we shot very recently.

We’ve done some pretty interesting work with our drone on multiple projects. Watch our brand new show-reel to discover more.


So, if you’re thinking of spicing up your proprietary content with some stock aerial footage, we want to help you.  Write in: [email protected]




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