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3 Ways Buyer Personas Can Help With Video Marketing

Good content marketing is content that is tailored for its audience’s needs and desires. Which is why defining your target market is one of the most important things you’ll do as a marketer. A buyer persona is the ultimate tool when determining who you serve as a business.  And, with video emerging as the latest rage in the world of content marketing, understanding buyer persona/s is more crucial than ever.

But what is a buyer persona? According to Hubspot, “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data of your existing customers.”

Here’s why buyer personas matter in video marketing

You’ll understand your customer’s needs better

With buyer personas, you’ll know your audience’s exact pain points and needs. You’ll be able to visualise your customer and understand what they’re looking for. Based on an accurate buyer persona, you’ll be able to craft more compelling marketing messages for them.

You’ll know where they spend most of their time online

The best of buyer personas will reveal details of your customer’s online browsing behaviour. So, you could be looking at the types of websites your audience frequents, the social media platforms they love, etc. With information about where your audience loves hanging out on the web, you could launch your video campaigns on those specific platforms for the most amount of traction and engagement.

You’ll be able to create video content that resonates with their persona

If you know your buyer persona is the millennial working woman of today, then you’ll be able to determine the style of content that will resonate fully with them. In this instance, you’ll know that they’ll appreciate video content that is more light-hearted, colourful, fun in comparison to CEOs of tech companies, for whom you’ll want to keep the look and feel of the video more formal.

There you have it, our top three reasons for developing your businesses’ buyer persona. A detailed buyer persona will help you understand who your audience is, what are their biggest pains and desires and how that affects your marketing message. In turn, this will ensure that your business is able to attract qualified leads and customers into your sales pipelines

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