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3 Questions to Ask Before Planning A Customer Story Video

If you want to convince prospects about how great your brand is, try selling the message through a customer story video or testimonial. A key persuasion tactic in marketing, customer story videos are the cornerstone of marketing strategies with almost 89% of marketers vouching for its effectiveness. What’s more, they translate to instant credibility for your brand.

So, if you’re on the brink of planning a video testimonial for your online marketing, well done! However, keep in mind that the most successful of videos require tons of planning and preparation. So, how do you go about preparing for your customer story video?

Here are three critical questions to ask yourself before you can begin filming…

#Who Do I Interview: When you plan a customer story video, you want to ideally interview someone who can help you achieve your marketing goals. This is someone who can champion your products and services and is also someone your audience easily identifies with. You could be considering a company CEO, the head of a department, a brand manager, depending on who your audience is. Also keep in mind that your customer will need to describe their success through the use of stats and empirical evidence, as this is essential for establishing credibility.

#Where Should I Film: Filming a customer story during your events works well to help you capture a number of sound bites from customers past and present. The downside is that your testimonial may lack depth, since you may not end up getting a lot of time to chat with each client. A great alternative is to shoot at the client’s office. A planned sit-down interview could help you glean out more details and put together a better customer story. What’s more, people are usually more comfortable in spaces that are familiar to them. Remember to keep this in mind, the next time you plan your video shoot. The only downside could be a significant time investment. Deciding between the event and the office, ultimately boils down to your priority of quality or quantity. So, choose wisely.

#How Do I Prepare for Production: Planning and prepping in advance will increase your chances of getting the best responses for your questions. A great way to prepare is to find a good interviewer who can help guide the interviewee to the right conclusions. You’ll also need logistical matters resolved ahead of time. It’s a good idea to work with a check-list of professionals and equipment, when you plan. Don’t overlook the importance of the hair and make-up pros.

Most importantly, don’t forget to engage in the services of a professional video team. They could help you not only capture quality footage but also oversee post production and editing. This will ensure you have a quality video and a hassle-free experience at the end of the process.

Remember this: Customer video stories are essential to your marketing strategy, and a little planning and prep will go a long way to ensuring success. Here’s one we prepared earlier:

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