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10 uses for videos

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10 uses for videos that will power your marketing strategy

One of the primary functions of video marketing is to make the sale. But that’s not all. Stay tuned in to discover 10 uses for videos that will take your marketing efforts to an all new-level.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Telling your brand story: Every brand has a story of its own. If you can tell it an honest and convincing voice that belongs to you and you alone, it will go a long way in building credibility and trust

Generating traffic: Videos are an excellent tool to attract attention and pique the curiosity of your audience members. When you have excellent video content to share and you share them on platforms your audience hangs out the most on, you’ll find a steady stream of traffic working its way to your website.

Building social proof: You can use video to show your audience how you helped solve your existing customers’ business problems. This could motivate them to sign-up or purchase your product/service. Getting real people to discuss actual problems and solutions can work wonders in helping your prospects feel a connection with your brand.

Teaching: With how-to videos, you can really help your prospects understand the details of your product/service offering. With the teach-approach, you automatically move from being sale-sy to helpful. This is something that not only bodes well with customers; they’re more willing to reciprocate with their attention and time for your helpful approach.

Answering popular queries: The FAQs section is often long and winding; searching specific queries can get daunting for the best of us. Instead, you can create a FAQs video that answers their technical queries in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Stopping customers from opting-out: Yes that’s right. Video is one of the most effective strategies in your email marketing campaign, to get customers to stop dropping out of your email list. Remember, videos will present the human side of your business like nothing else will. Use video as leverage to keep your audience hanging in there for more.

Interacting Live: Live video tools like Periscope, Facebook Live have empowered businesses to interact with their audience in real time, during events, announcements, etc. Use this to your advantage to win their trust. You could even conduct a live Q& A to answer your audience’s queries. This will go a long way in turn to boost engagement and sales.

Boosting authority: Conduct a live video conversation with an expert and have them talk about the efficacy of your products. Customers are interested in finding out what the expert has to say about your product or service. They are more likely to trust authoritative figures in the industry and take you up on their word.

Showing what happens behind-the-scenes: Customers, who love your brand, will love to have a glimpse into how you make things happen behind the scenes. Give them a quick look of the real work that goes into making what you make. They’ll be that much more loyal to you.

Creating brand clarity: An explainer video is an excellent tool in your arsenal to help your product/brand stand out before your prospects. What’s more, they’re proven to increase conversions, help with lead generation, sales and even post-sales.


Now go forth and work on a kick-ass video marketing strategy. From our list of 10 uses for videos, select the ideas that work best for your business and get started today.

You’ll be happy to note that a lot of our suggestions here align very well with our own talents. So, if you’d like some amazing storytelling for your next video, write in today.


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